Perry is an amazing human being.

He has been a filmmaker for more than ten years. As a kid, Perry grew up raising pigs and making films with his uncle and his cousin in California. Many of his early works are lost in his parent’s garage in boxes filled of dust and V-HS tapes.

His professional experience includes Cinematographer, Gaffer, Grip, and Producer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Santa Cruz in Film and Digital Media, and a Masters Degree in Professional Screenwriting. He has also been a Professor of Film, teaching his crafts in New Mexico at Santa Fe University of Art and Design and at Northern New Mexico College.

His experience makes him one of a kind. He is very well rounded in all aspects of filmmaking. His storytelling abilities have no limits, whether he is behind the camera, or behind the keyboard, he has the power to connect his characters to the audience. Perry wrote an amazing original full length screenplay entitled: The Wolf You Feed, which is a drama about early humans, befriending a wolves. His most recent work can be seen in the documentary, Under Lock and Key, which follows a musician across the Southwest. Perry is our Head Screenwriter, Director, Cinematographer, Editor, and Colorist here at Tunnel Vision.

He is currently working on a project he calls, Crowds, where he experiments with human/animal behaviors in group settings.

In his spare time he loves to be outdoors, dogs have a special place in heart but loves all animals. He loves to explore the wilderness via canoe while being surrounded by mosquitos. He also loves to cook, this man makes a mean steak. For you vegetarians out there his squash and portobello steaks are to die for.  

If you ever get the opportunity to meet him in person you will make a friend for life and he will feed you.