Maria is a wild spirit.

As a child growing up she was very athletic but had an eye for storytelling. She discovered filmmaking in her late teens while in high school. She moved away from Texas to find herself and rediscovered her passion. She would enlist her cousins as actors and would make short comedic films. Her early works are lost in dumpsters in New Mexico or on broken hard-drives.

Her professional experience includes Video Editor, Sound Designer, Motion Graphic Artist, and Animator.  Her work consists of cutting trailers, EPK behind the scene featurettes, and corporate video/animations. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Moving Image Arts from The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She is also the 2014 Recipient of The Elephant Award for the The Film School. After graduating she taught Animation and other film courses as an adjunct professor at Northern New Mexico College, in Espanola, New Mexico.

Her approach to filmmaking and her life is clearly a form of artistic disobedience, she is a visionary, and her ideas/imagination have no boundaries. She has written an original screenplay for an animation series entitled: Scarlett and Phoenix Take Over. Her most recent work can be seen in the documentary Under Lock and Key, which follows a musician across the Southwest.

Maria is our Head Editor, Director, Camera Operator, Sound Designer, and Animator here at Tunnel Vision.

She is currently working on Scarlett and Phoenix Take Over Season 1, which is an animated series targeted at college age students.

In her spare time she likes to take photographs, paint, draw, and mess around with clay. She likes to play volleyball, and/or eat tacos to blow off steam.

If you get the opportunity to meet her in person be prepared for the craziest adventure of your life.